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Management Skills Seminar - A 4½ Days' Workshop


It is designed for both aspiring young leaders as well as seasoned agency leaders. The subject matter focuses on improving manager performance and developing critical management skills in planning, recruiting, selecting agents, performance appraisal, training, motivation, and time-management.

It is also one of the seven steps (including AMTC), for leaders who aspire to complete the Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM) and Certified Manager for Financial Advisers (CMFA) designations.

Both symbolizes management excellence and is the mark of quality and commitment to professionalism.

Our 1st MSS class conducted by LIMRA Master Trainer, Jimmy Cheung from USA



Day 1

  • Welcome and intro / Management job activities
  • Managerial activities related to skills and abilities current costs and capital investment planning and problem solving
  • Market penetration
  • Defining what a sales representative must do


Day 2

  • Recruiting
  • Manpower and production planning
  • Selection tools and concepts
  • Interviewing techniques


Day 3

  • Performance analysis
  • Communication excercise
  • Principles of learning and training
  • Anytown agency objective setting


Day 4

  • Developing a training program
  • Motivation and job performance
  • Anytown agency simulation


Day 5

  • Anytown agency simulation debrief / controlling
  • Time management
  • Wrap-up



MSS Feedback by participants

In association with LIMRA International, FSMA is proud to bring you another batch of MSS class, to be conducted by LIMRA master trainer, Mr Jimmy Cheung

What others say about this course?

  • It uses simulation to help us go through actual planning and running of agency.  It also gives insight to how others in different region conduct their business.  I like that the class consists of managers from different companies and I get to learn different ideas from them.  I feel all managers should attend as it gives us practical understanding of what it entails to be a manager.  It shows us the role of an agency leader and how we can better manage our time.  
    - Eric Lim (HSBC Insurance)


  • I would recommend this course for its realism to agency building.  The simulation was interesting and it now set us thinking about prioritising due to the limited resources (time and money) that we have.   
    - Adrian Peh  (AXA Life)


  • The materials, the trainer and the skill learnt along the way.  A detailed overview of agency management building guide.  A MUST for all agency management.  
    - Raymond Lim (Prudential)


  • Practical lesson learnt, can be used immediately.  
    - Bernard Ho (Prudential)


  • Lesson learnt where a manager should focus his time to get the right results.  Practical and systematic with manual for future reference.  
    - Goh Khong Shung  (GE Life)


  • Is practical knowledge to be applied straight away in the current job.  Will encourage senior agent who are moving up to management, to attend the course in order to ascertain their capability to meet the requirement and work scope of a manager.  And in order for the Group Agency to perform well, the Group Manager should attend this course.    
    - Gan Lay Khoon (AIA)


  • Planning Method, how to calculate and analyse past performance to give accurate projection.  Never been taught before, for my last 15 years.  
    - Tan Tiong Eng (HSBC Insurance)


  • Planning & the Simulation exercise I learnt, if I have been taught earlier, my agency could be 3 to 5 times bigger today.  
    - Samuel Goh  (AIA)


  • The highlight of this course is the Simulation Exercise.  It gives an accurate account of our day-to-day ongoings.  It gives us a clear picture of what we need to do and the proper use of time spent to see better results.  I will recommend this course to anybody, regardless of seniority.
    - Michael Seow (Prudential)


  • It is a real life experience, with planning, recruiting and selection process.  Recommend that newly promoted managers to attend this course and managers need to be educated before embarking on the management path.    
    - Linda Chua (GE Life)