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Field Management Seminar (FMS)

What is FMS?

  • The insurance industry's answer to the continuing needs of field managers.
  • An opportunity for field managers to sharpen and refine their management skills through intensive, peer-oriented training consisting of discussions, workshops, and audio and video presentations.
  • One full day devoted to a topic of major concer to all field managers.

Who should enroll?

  • All field managers qualify to attend the FMS

What are the benefits of the FMS?
Managers who enroll in the FMS have the opportunity to:

  • Develop new field management skills
  • Polish and refresh unused skills
  • Interact locally with peers who are interested in the common goal of management skills development
  • Use practical tools and techniques in the same way as they would use them in the field
  • Be involved in a continuing management development program

FMS Topics

  • Brilliant Performance From the Start
  • Role Models for Management Success
  • The Power Launch: Selecting and Coaching New Peak Performers